What is The Real Estate Times?

Time and time again, I am asked by my peers – why The Real Estate Times?

I am a real estate agent. I help people move from one stage of their lives to the next, wrapping their most valuable asset in their lives with neat bow and presenting it to another fortunate owner in exchange of a reasonable fee.

For as soon as a seller trusted me, I gained respect. As soon as a buyer respected me, I gained a success story. Most people said it wouldn’t come easy. But in the 21st century, there is always a more efficient way to solve an issue and I am proud to say I found one that I stuck with until now.

I decided that in order to gain trust, respect and a success story – I would need to be a thought leader. A knowledge sharer, an information giver. Hence, the creation of The Real Estate Times TV – my Youtube channel where I interviewed key people in the industry and local networks for all of my peers and audiences to share.
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And here we are. Evolving into a media company, The Real Estate Times has become larger, more expansive and much more interactive than I ever thought it would.

3 Books to Read on Real Estate for Agents

If there was one thing that excites me about the real estate industry is it’s constant learning curve. We as professionals are always sharpening our tools and here are 3 materials I would recommend to any professionals prior to starting in the industry.

The first is The Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller and the book speaks about 4 main components of the real estate industry and where you should place your focus and resources on.

The second is The Secrets to Closing the Sale by Zig Ziglar where Zig speaks about the number one resource in real estate which are people and how to manage them on a day to day basis.

The third would be The Closer’s Survival Guide by Grant Cardone. Grant’s energy is highly infectious and he speaks about over 100 closers or objection you would face daily and how to overcome them.

For those of who have read these books or about to read them, share your thoughts with me on Twitter @pn_realestate and I look forward to hearing from you.

Elon Musk and Staying Ahead of the Curve

So it’s 2017 and the world is evolving quicker than a rapidly moving train.

It is so important for us to stay abreast of the information that surrounds us. Gone are the days where we had 2 or 3 newscasters telling us what’s happening around us, today, you have information being bombarded to you left right and center and it is up to you to understand this information and formulate our own opinions based on that.

For example if you jump onto my Twitter today you’ll find that I follow thoughts leaders such as my personal favourite Elon Musk, others from business, economics and sports.

What’s important is that you stay ahead of the curve, go steady while you are at it so you don’t trip over yourself like I did and always be moving forward.

Visualize Your Results

In sales, we are often told to visualize our results. The reason for that is so we can place an emphasis on the key steps that will take us to the outcome that we were looking for.

I believe that every morning should start with some form of visualization. For example, I start my mornings by spending 10 minutes to myself In that 10 minutes, as I am having my breakfast I will be prioritizing the top 3 tasks for the day and the emotions that come along with it when I have accomplished it. That particular emotion for each task is what I carry through to the end of the day.

So the next time you find yourself stuck in a rut attempt visualization.

And what’s more important is to place an emphasis on the emotions that come along with it.

That will be the difference that you have been searching for.

The Only Blog You Need for Selling in Spring

For those of you selling your home in the upcoming months of spring and summer you are making a great choice. The weather is beautiful outside and Perth is finally sunny again.

That being said we’ll never know with the in-congruent weather that we have been having in the past few months. However, you would have seen tons of articles on how to present your home during the upcoming seasons.

Here are the few things I believe you should place emphasis on if you are selling your home then.

The first thing is to make sure your curb side appeal presents itself really well. That includes making sure your landscape is beautiful trimmed and if you can repaint the front of your home as well.

Number two is to make sure your marketing and I mean the advertisement is well targeted towards buyers looking in the months of spring and summer.

Number three to make sure your agent irrelevant of which season you are selling your home in understands that your marketing needs to be top notch so we can reach the ultimate and most number of buyers in the coming months.