Time and time again, I am asked by my peers – why The Real Estate Times?

I am a real estate agent. I help people move from one stage of their lives to the next, wrapping their most valuable asset in their lives with neat bow and presenting it to another fortunate owner in exchange of a reasonable fee.

For as soon as a seller trusted me, I gained respect. As soon as a buyer respected me, I gained a success story. Most people said it wouldn’t come easy. But in the 21st century, there is always a more efficient way to solve an issue and I am proud to say I found one that I stuck with until now.

I decided that in order to gain trust, respect and a success story – I would need to be a thought leader. A knowledge sharer, an information giver. Hence, the creation of The Real Estate Times TV – my Youtube channel where I interviewed key people in the industry and local networks for all of my peers and audiences to share.
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And here we are. Evolving into a media company, The Real Estate Times has become larger, more expansive and much more interactive than I ever thought it would.

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